Valeria Laguna

Tips for traveling

Valeria Laguna
Tips for traveling

So this is an improvised blog post as I sit waiting for my delayed flight to New York for Thanksgiving (that’s what I get for flying on Spirit). I started giving travel tips on my Insta story and thought why not make it official. For someone that takes ten different outfits for a one weekend trip, I am actually very good at packing. Sometimes I do go a little overboard but a girl likes to be prepared because you never know what event will pop up! If you travel often or just need some rad travel tips keep on reading!

Bring basic pieces

Bringing basic pieces (like a plain white tee) is an essential part of packing. This allows you to reuse clothing all throughout your trip in different ways!

Wear your heaviest clothing items to the airport

If you need to pack light, like me right now since I am going on Spirit and they charge you for breathing, wear your heaviest sweater or booties as your airport outfit! This will save you a lot of room that you can use for other things.

NO makeup

This obviously depends on the person and the occasion, but if it is not necessary for you to wear makeup DON’T. Airports and airplanes are filled with bacteria and flying makes your skin extremely dry. It is best to let your skin breathe during the flight and get glammed up when you get off if needed! I have heard of many people that wear masks on the plane. I have never done this because I don’t want to scare people (lol) but if you are comfortable doing so then go for it!

Download something!

I always download games, a book, or my fav Netflix show for the plane ride! This makes me feel like I am at least doing something during the flight and it goes by quicker! (Also, bring headphones!)

Have a small pouch in your purse with necessities

I always carry a small makeup bag filled with essentials such as hand sanitizer, nausea medicine, gum for air pressure, and napkins. You never know when you may need it!

Those are just some of my rad travel tips! Hoping everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Valeria Laguna x