Valeria Laguna


Valeria Laguna

I remember always starting off every school year with a burst of motivation that would slowly fade as the year went on. Don't get me wrong, I would still do my homework, study, try my best to get good grades, but I did it all with a lack of energy. I know this is the case for a lot of people, which is totally normal when life becomes a routine like it does during school. But motivation is a crucial element when setting and attaining goals whether it be academically, socially, or personally. For this reason, I have created a list of things that keep me motivated throughout the school year that will hopefully help you guys as well! 

Buy cute school supplies: 

One of my favorite things to do that gets me excited for school to start is buying school supplies (I know it sounds lame but I know a lot of you feel the same way as you walk towards the back to school section at Target!) Each year I like to pick a theme/color and buy materials that match and go well together. I am definitely an aesthetics type of person so if my school supplies look good, I feel motivated to keep going!


I can't stress this enough!! I am a planner at heart. Always have been, always will. I love to plan ahead and keep track of what is happening in my life. I usually start off my week by setting aside a couple of minutes to write down everything I have going on in the next couple of days/weeks (events, homework assignments, projects, due dates, etc.) Life in school can get hectic. In between clubs, keeping up with grades, and other activities it can get difficult to remember things off the top of your head. Planning ahead keeps you organized and saves you from forgetting about anything important!

The more color the better:

I like to color code EVERYTHING! I think it makes things look prettier, but besides that, it helps me create my own system of organization. Buying colorful highlighters, stickers, and pens makes the planning process more fun and serves as a tool to create structure and self discipline, which will keep you motivated.  

Find hobbies/passions you enjoy:

There are so many activities during the school year that we get involved in because we sort of HAVE to, so it is important to take time to do things that we WANT to. For example, if you enjoy taking pictures join a photography course! If you like fashion, start a blog! Everything in life needs balance and it is important we learn to create that balance within our own lives of work and play. Working all the time isn't healthy, just like not having any priorities or goals. Doing things for yourself that you enjoy keeps you motivated in other aspects of your life! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Valeria Laguna x