Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Summer. A season filled with beach days, brunch, and cute bikinis. Clearly, a lot to look forward to…but one thing I definitely don’t dream of is the scorching summer heat.

On the bright side, my lifetime experience of living in Miami means I have the hell-like heat situation down pat. With the help of the following products you can beat the heat and look your absolute best!

1. A good waterproof mascara

A waterproof mascara is essential to survive the summer heat. It’s perfect for beach or pool days when you don’t want to put on too much makeup but want to look put together. It is also great for those early workouts when you want to look less like a zombie and more like a human at the gym.

2. A tinted BB cream with SPF

During summer we want to look dewy, highlighted, and natural. A BB cream will do the job just right. It is also extremely important to keep your skin protected from the sun, so a BB cream that has anywhere from SPF 30-50 is perfect for keeping your skin looking young and fresh for as long as possible!

3. Natural Colored Blush

To keep the natural theme going, we want a blush that will make us look like the sun kissed our cheeks. During summer we don’t want to be looking like a clown, or ever for that matter. For this reason a light pink nudey blush will do the trick to make us look our summer best!

4. A Day-to-Night Eye Shadow Palette

You never know what plans can come up during the summer time. To avoid any beauty mishaps keeping an eye shadow palette that can transform your look from daytime to nighttime is key. The perfect palette would include matte and shimmery light and dark colors, as well as, the perfect bone white and black shade!

Hope you enjoyed!

Valeria Laguna x

All products featured are from Tarte Cosmetics and are the perfect options for cruelty free natural makeup!