Welcome to Rad Redemption! 

Rad Redemption has been a project I have had in mind for a long time, but didn't have the courage to start. The fear of judgement and failure was stopping me from accomplishing a goal I had set for myself long ago, which isn't like me at all. Now that I am in college, and life is passing me by faster than ever, I decided it was time to let go of the bullsh*t and start this long awaited venture once and for all. 

But starting a blog isn't as easy as it seems. Try finding an Instagram handle now a days that isn't already taken without it sounding like some crazy new language you just made up. Trust me, it was a challenge...but on a short trip to NYC, as I sat people watching in one of its tiny, hidden restaurants it came to me. Rad Redemption. It was unique, bold, and edgy but most importantly... it was available on Instagram. 

I got the name. Now where was the photographer? Don't get me wrong, I can pose for my mom and my Instagram boyfriend behind the camera of an Iphone all day long. But put me behind a big people camera and I will immediately freeze. Luckily, through a mutual fashion related project, I met Josh (follow him he is the best @jgro89) who made me feel completely comfortable behind the camera after just a couple of shots (the nonalcoholic ones, that is.)

Next was the logo. An image the would have to capture the essence of me as an individual, something rather hard for someone trying to figure that out. But for the awesome outcome, I have @powdesigns to thank. I might be trying to figure myself out, but one thing I know for sure is I am one of the most annoying detail-oriented perfectionists there is. The patience Paola had towards me each and every time I asked her to change the color of this or the font on that is quite admirable, especially considering I ended up choosing plain black and white (totally me, btw). 

Now I am here, writing this post, excited and scared to finally put something I have worked so hard on out into the world. The point is, don't put a dream on pause because of stupid fears. Whatever you do someone, somewhere is going to have something negative to say, so why stop yourself from doing things that make you happy over something inevitable? (Haters will be haters.) 

That being said it's not perfect, I know, which as I said before, is not ideal in the world of a perfectionist at heart, but I hope to learn and grow along the way. 

I am excited to share my life through words and pictures, two of my favorite things. 

I hope you guys enjoy Rad Redemption as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 

Valeria Laguna x


Dress: Forever 21; Shoes: Vans; Jean jacket: DIY; Glasses: Quay