Valeria Laguna

Must Go-To Places In NYC

Valeria Laguna
Must Go-To Places In NYC

I have been in NYC for the past couple of days and of course I have been eating like crazy (no regrets what so ever). One of my all time favorite things to do is visit different restaurants where ever I am. The list on my phone of places I want to go to is getting quite long, but little by little I continue to conquer my way through. Some places I have visited I was extremely excited for, yet they let me down. On the other hand, some have exceeded my foodie expectation! So if you are in town any time soon you must go to these yummy places! 

By Chloe

This place is a vegetarian's dream. It is affordable (rare for NY) and has a variety of delicious options on its menu. I ordered a creamy pesto avocado pasta, which was to die for. My sister, my NY travel partner, ordered a black bean burger that tasted just like the real thing. It is a fast food casual experience, yet it is funky and great for taking cute pictures!

bychloe .jpg

Cha Cha Matcha

All the matcha lovers out there are going to love this place! For those who don't know what matcha is, it is a powered Japanese tea that is supposed to charge you with energy. Cha Cha Matcha specializes in hot and iced green tea, plus coffee, baked goods and soft serve matcha ice cream. I ordered the matcha and tangerine swirl ice cream, which, to my surprise, was delicious. I also ordered the traditional matcha iced tea, which ended up not being my cup of tea...literally. For those of you who have ever tried matcha it has a very strong taste, but has a variety of health benefits. The place itself has an awesome vibe and is filled with cool wall art and millennial pink all over. Definitely a must go! 


Cafe Henrie

This place is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cafes I have ever been to. The workers were extremely friendly and attentive and the music was great! The coffee was a perfect pick me up after a late lunch. Cafe Henrie is the ideal place to meet up with friends and catch up! 


The Butcher's Daughter

Good food, great servers and the cutest little place! The Butcher's Daughter is a plant-based restaurant, cafe and juice bar. They consider themselves a "vegetable slaughterhouse," meaning they treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would treat meat. I ordered a spinach quesadilla with tomatoes, onions and a pesto vinaigrette that came on the side. It was amazing!! In all honesty I am a very picky eater so when I take the risk to try new things, especially vegan or vegetarian options, and they pass my harsh food judgement then it must be a winner! 10/10 recommend! (They are also pet friendly, which is a plus.) 



Hope you enjoyed!

Valeria Laguna x