Valeria Laguna

New Year, New Me?

Valeria Laguna
New Year, New Me?

I personally don't love the phrase "new year, new me" because I feel like if you want to make a change in yourself you should do so whenever it is right, not just because it's the beginning of a new year. But I do understand that feeling of having a blank canvas when a new year comes along. 2017 was a year of growth and realizations for me. It was the year where I slowly began to take on responsibilities and reflect on what kind of person I want to be as I enter adulthood, what kind of people I want to surround myself with and what things I truly find important. 

In 2018...

I want to be truly myself, but the best version of me. I want to be the best daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, and now, aunt I can be! But I also understand (something I learned in 2017) that I am not going to be my best self every day, it's a process!

I want to travel, meet new people and learn about new cultures, something I will soon be doing as I spend a semester abroad in Madrid! (I told myself I was going to make every day there an adventure even if it means walking around and getting lost on my own. I officially leave in 6 days and I am honestly scared shitless, but I am forever grateful for this opportunity and for the support I have received from my family and Santi!) 

I want to take more risks. I want to get out of my comfort zone and do things that scare me in the best way possible!

I want to keep on doing things that I am passionate about, like writing and creating content for Rad Redemption. 

I want to grow professionally and discover what I enjoy doing in whatever industry I decide to join and give it 100%. 

I want to read more. I told myself this last year and only read like 2 books lol. I used to read all the time and I don't know why I stopped, definitely something I want to bring back this year. 

I want to be more money conscious and save. This might sound a little funny but I have this problem that if I see money in my account I must spend it lol (clearly something that needs to change.) 

I want to show the people I love that I love them more often! 

I want to keep on being organized when it comes to school and stay motivated to do well in my classes! 

I want to be supportive and encouraging. 

I want to make people laugh because that is my favorite thing to do...laugh!

I want to try new foods and eat a lot! But I also want to find what I enjoy doing to keep my body healthy. This is something I have struggled with because I HATE the gym. I want to learn about and enjoy working on my health in 2018!

This year I just want to happy! It sounds cliche, but it's really all I want. I also want all my loved ones to be happy, to succeed in all they set themselves to do and to be as healthy as possible! 

I wish you all the best year yet! Ready for you, 2018! 

Valeria Laguna x